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Curriculum vitae

Andy McCray

I’m a highly-motivated web developer, visual designer and writer with ten years experience working in a boutique Australian digital agency.

With an enthusiasm for detail and all things digital, I write HTML, CSS and JavaScript; design user interfaces for desktop and mobile; and construct elegant WordPress websites. Over the past decade I’ve worked closely with clients across cultural institutions, universities, government departments and the private sector to craft bespoke digital experiences.

Professional experience


Web developer and designer, Icelab

An integral and senior member of an Australian digital agency which transformed over ten years from a single-location, four-person team, to a studio of distributed designers, developers and digital producers. I work concurrently on a diverse range of projects and am directly responsible for both production work and project management.

In a fast-paced workplace with an ever-evolving toolset, I’m diligent, focused and adept at self-directed learning, technical problem solving, leading project teams, effective remote work and communication with team members and clients across a wide-spectrum of technical literacy. I understand and embrace emerging technologies and have a deep awareness of context, detail, accessibility, communication and time management.

While my primary role involves writing HTML and CSS, working in a small studio necessitates a myriad additional skills which have included copywriting, preparation of technical proposals and case studies, illustration, and video editing. I’ve also been involved with recruitment, mentoring and day-to-day management of junior staff.


  • Design of a new visual identity, interactive degree visualisation tool and cross-platform frontend templates for the Australian National University’s student handbook.
  • Development of frontend templates for Parks Australia’s seven content-rich national park websites.
  • Interactive templates and visual design for RRR, Australia's longest-running independent radio station.
  • Design and development of numerous interactive touchscreens and digital label tools for the National Museum of Australia, Old Parliament House and the National Capital Authority.
  • Visual design, frontend templates, and backend theme and plugin development for an assortment of bespoke WordPress websites including Melbourne’s Corner Hotel, Monash University’s Impact publication and the annual Design Canberra Festival.


Web designer, Savvy IT

Designer and frontend developer at Savvy IT, a Canberra-based information technology company. I designed websites with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, turned pictures into pixels with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and built dynamic Flash applications.

On the side

Designed, built and edited Harry Potter Fan Zone, one of the web’s earliest and most popular Harry Potter fan websites. The website evolved from a built-in-the-bedroom ‘teach myself to design and code’ project to become one of the most influential and well-respected Wizarding World blogs of the early 2000s.

At the request of Warner Bros. I covered and produced digital content from numerous red carpet film premieres, set visits and press junkets, and wrote an assortment of editorial content which author J.K. Rowling called ‘insightful and impressive’.

Designed, built and wrote content for the interactive Famous Old Painters music website which British band Coldplay promoted as a ‘fantastic retrospective’.


Australian National University, 2008–2011

Bachelor of Arts (New Media Arts)

Cross-disciplinary degree at ANU’s Center for New Media Arts. Double majored in information technology and digital media.

Get in touch

Say hello: me@andymccray.com
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